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We’re planning to disrupt the cannabis accessory and CBD space, but that hasn’t stopped us from searching for growth potential in other areas. Currently, we're researching two niches that have no relation to cannabis with high profit potential.

We want you to tell us about your niche. Thanks to our many years of experience, specialised technology and talented people, we can supercharge your niche and ensure that you become the biggest disruptor in that sphere.

Our expertise offers

  • A lean platform for growth
  • Techniques for building authority
  • Sustainable long term revenue and customer success
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Every niche is an opportunity waiting to happen

Every conceivable interest and demand is catered to somewhere out there. The main appeal of these specialist interests is their uniqueness–this is what gives them their soul and also what keeps them sequestered away from over-saturation. Yes, the world is full of niches just waiting to be discovered.

Many of these specialist niches are severely under represented and require more than a just a marketplace for their products. The problem, however, is that due to the bias that follows specialised nature, growing a niche business into a profitable platform can be incredibly difficult.

However, with the right lean approach, growth is possible. We have years of experience in developing specialised brands. With our platform and expertise we can turbocharge your niche, propelling it into dominance, while preserving its unique identity.

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