Hemp & CBD

PeakBirch Logic owns and operates both Greeny & Lifted CBD, two premium CBD reseller e-commerce stores serving US & Canadian audiences. CBD has already become a household health supplement and only grows in recognition. Additionally, hemp products are gaining more traction as millennial consumers increasingly demand renewable and sustainable materials in packaged goods, further opening more paths into new industry. Peakbirch Logic is ready to capitalize on the multiple nascent opportunities hemp could provide.

  • Premium CBD Products
  • In-house fulfilment & Dropship model
  • Fast Growing Industry

Potential to become the industry leader in CBD & Hemp

Having gone from obscurity to the must-have health supplement in what felt like the blink of an eye, everyone from professional athletes to stay-at-home parents are now using CBD daily. It is commonly used to help promote a good night’s sleep and to help recover from vigorous workout sessions, and more and more uses are being pioneered every day. Its growth has been matched by the proliferation of high-quality hemp products, particularly in the USA and Canada. A veritable wonder-crop, hemp is under increasing demand for a massive range of uses. Thankfully its robust nature and quick grow time means that it can remain in plentiful supply. Hemp and CBD are components in:

  • Health supplements
  • Pre and post workout supplements
  • Healthy cooking
  • Sustainable materials

The CBD industry

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a member of the cannabinoid family of chemicals found in cannabis and hemp plants. While it is related to the psychoactive compound THC, it does not create a high. The initial growth of CBD was hobbled by a patchwork of contradictory regulations. However, in recent years the CBD cannabinoid has enjoyed increasing acceptance and has begun a migration towards mainstream CPG with massive potential applications in the health and beauty, as well as the food and supplements sector. The CBD industry is now worth billions and is under exorbitant demand.