Delivery Software

With a bespoke app, local delivery, and partnerships with local stores we will provide a robust and reliable service to customers and vendors across the USA and Canada, to start. Today's consumer cares about 3 main things before committing to a purchase; the price, buying from a trusted brand and how quickly their product can be delivered.

  • A convenient and quick way for customers to get their products
  • A comfortable and intuitive experience for both brands and customer
  • A whole new way to enjoy your favourite brands and products they offer
Order completion on smart phone
Group of people working on laptop

A service that’s easy to onboard with

Thanks to an easy to use app and website we can offer automated infrastructure for same-day cannabis product delivery. The app will act as a sales channel that aggregates all of the products a customer could want in one place. This will be done in partnership with local participating stores who will take advantage of our local delivery. The fusion of ecommerce with on-the-ground services is one of the major innovations of the last decade. Taking advantage of this unique development we will offer groundbreaking services that have never been seen before in the CBD and Cannabis accessory niches.